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  2. nestingcas:

    me: i’m gonna write

    me: [reads another person’s writing]

    me: i’m never writing again

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    I just completed a deal to purchase Lake Michigan

    Yes come to my home state!

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    i wish i was hot enough to get some anons

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    Do u ever look at someone and you’re like how

    did my parents create such a sexy man?

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  9. To the wanderer:
    I can hear the rhythm of your shoes
    on winter’s road, one step behind
    the different one.

    I was wonderin’,
    when I go down the road,
    what ever happened to
    This town?

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  10. Piano Largo

    I wish I had
    something to dream about
    or write about. But my life
    is too flat, it’s not sharp enough.
    I need to push in, tighten up
    a bit, and become more in tune.


    Induce a sense of urgency,
    and realize presto is the way the
    world is today. With modern
    technology there is no more
    largo, only presto. My dreams
    need an accelerando to fantasy.

    (al coda)

    Life needs to

    (D.S. al coda)

    and repeat


    Life is not a staccato note waiting at the end of a movement.
    Instead, life is a legato whole note, dragging on,
    waiting for improvement.

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